Liston Corfu Square

liston corfu
20 Sep

Liston Corfu

Liston Corfu in Spianada Square is in a complex of multi-storeyed buildings of French architecture, with characteristic arcades and lanterns.

It began to be built by the French Imperials after 1807 and is a typical sample of that era. Strongly evokes the “Rue de Rivoli” of Paris, built around the same period . The word in a sense derived from the Venetian quote “Lista” which means the wide and rectilinear road, such as “Liston de Piazza”,the Piazza San Marco in Venice , while the prevailing theory , only those included in the Libro d’Oro could walk here . The personal signature of nobles was a precondition to enter the closed for many area, where only the elite and privileged could enjoy a walk or a drink!

The cafeterias and restaurants of Liston is now the meeting place for most residents and visitors.

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