St.Spyridon Church

20 Sep


St.Spyridon of Corfu Island is closely connected with the religious and the general history of Corfu, transported from Cairo of 1456 in the capital of the Ionian islands. Since the Holy Relic changed many temples until 1589 which was inaugurated the present church of St. where moved there permanently.The main part of the interior decoration of the temple are carved wooden gilt picture frames Urania

.The images,the work of the great painter P. Doxara ended in 1727 unfortunately not survived and were replaced by copies of Nicholas Aspioti .Of the many tributes to the greatest temple in historical value are the two largest silver kandiles the Venetian Senate and the Venetian nobility.The procession of Holy Saturday , is the oldest and established in commemoration of the miracle of the Holy rescue of Corfu by famine in 1553 * about.The Litany Palm Sunday which is to commemorate the miracle exempting residents from the plague that plagued the 1629 Corfu.The procession on the first Sunday of November where it was introduced in 1673 for the relief of the people from the plague for the second time he had wiped out the population The litany of August 11.

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